Fourth piece of the Collection Infinite Oceans, a series of 5 artworks that keep a little part of the sea enclose into different shapes and geometrys that never stops waving in a perfect loop. This piece enclose the ocean in a paint frame that rest on an sandy ground, Keeping the the power of the waves for eternity. - PROLOGUE - Humans have always been connected to the ocean. From navigating it to find incredible places, to provide us with the best food, surprise us with the secrets of its depth, building huge cities around it....we always had an inexplicable attachment to the great blue. When we are close, we experience a state of calm, peace, unity and a sense of general happines and satisfaction with life in that moment. I have always wanted to create a collection based on the sea, trying to bring those feelings that everyone have when we think about the ocean and the movement of the waves, thats why i created Infinite Oceans.

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