Twenty Straight Lines

Twenty Adélie penguins take turns walking in perfectly straight lines across the diameter of a circular field of snow. From the perspective of the penguins, their objective is nothing more than a straightforward trip from one icy cave to another. Viewed from the above, however, we see a circular pattern emerge, formed by the collective motion of the individuals. Based on a well-known optical illusion, Twenty Straight Lines aims to articulate satisfying kinetic principles through an emotionally relatable lens. Waddling penguins are used to humorously breathe life into a simple geometric pattern, inviting the viewer to consider the algorithmic relationship between individuals and the groups they form. Twenty Straight Lines was part of the 'Oddly Satisfying' collection auctioned at Sotheby's in March 2023.


ArtistGavin Shapiro

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6.5 ETH  $10,463
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